Business cards are such a useful tool when trying to gain new clients. They help market your business, but also give your future clients the ability to do their own research on your business. The key is putting the most useful information on your cards, and trying to design them in a way that reflects the values of you and your business. 

Try to design them in a way that is not overwhelming.  Try to avoid neon colors in your text, and make sure that they are readable. Use your link exactly how it is in your app. 

We suggest typically they have great templates and easy to find coupon codes.

Info to include on your card: 

  1. Your name
  2. Your business name
  3. phone number (you can use a google voice number if you prefer not to use your personal number)
  4. your dumpling URL - located in your app under the business tab. click on view/edit it will look like this
  5. Add a few key points about your service that you think will draw your potential clients in. For example. Same shopper everytime, No hidden markups, etc.
  6. Keep your color theme going with your cards so your FB page is easily recognized.  
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