Take some time to practice your “pitch” with a family member or friend so you can get comfortable speaking about your business. Below are a list of some questions that may come up. Practice by having someone ask you the questions, and try to respond with short answers. Some people have a hard time trying to retain too much information at one time.

Not only does it help you to remember the answers if the questions come up, it will also give you the ability to speak more fluently about each subject so you feel 100% confident in answering them.

  1. How much do you charge? 

  2.  How far in advance do I need to place an order?

  3. Can you go to multiple stores?

  4.  How do I pay you?

  5. What stores can you shop at?

  6. Are there any other fee's?

  7. Can I tip in cash?

  8. How do I create a list?

  9. How will I know when you are on your way for delivery?

  10. Can you deliver non-grocery items?

  11. What if I cannot find what I am looking for in the app?

  12. What if the store does not have items I have requested?

A pitch can be to people who have never had their groceries delivered or people that have. let use the example based off if they have used other platforms.

Something along the lines of... "If you like this type of delivery service but need delivery from other stores, I own my own delivery service and would be happy to shop and deliver it for you. I can shop anywhere that accepts Visa and I don't charge mark-ups on your groceries."

Short sweet to the point then let them ask any questions they may have.

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