It's very important to understand how to complete a full order to ensure the order gets closed out correctly and you get paid for your time. 

Because of this, we encourage you to complete a "Friendly" order for a friend, family member, or yourself as your first order.

Basically, either you or someone close to you can place an actual order using your dumpling app for 1 or more item(s) to purchase and have delivered.

Click the guide below 👇 for a step-by-step video tutorial of how to complete an order or follow the directions below.

1️⃣ When one of your clients places an order, you’ll receive a text message informing you of the order and telling you to check the Boss app for details.

🙋🏽‍♀️When an order is placed, your dumpling card will be funded, so you can shop for the items ordered.

2️⃣ Open the Boss App and select the Orders tab

3️⃣ Check out the Order Details and Shopping List 

  1. Click View List to see what is on the shopping list

  2. Click the Map icon to copy the client's address and past into whichever navigation app you like to use.

4️⃣ Shop for the Groceries

When you're ready, head to the grocery store and purchase the requested items.

  1. Before shopping, you can select Rearrange in the upper right corner and group similar items together for easy shopping.

  2. As you shop and place items into your cart, you can check them off your list by tapping the empty circle. The item will be moved from the To-Do section at the top, and be placed in the Complete tab

  3. You can click an item to view additional details or zoom in on the picture.

  4. When you've finished shopping the order, hit the left arrow at the top-left corner of the screen to get back to the main order details screen and head to the register.

5️⃣ Pay for the groceries with your Boss credit card

Your Boss Card is only accepted where VISA Credit Cards are accepted.

6️⃣ Upload the Store Receipt(s) to the Order

After you have shopped the order, you’ll need to add the transaction(s) and receipt(s) to the order. 

This is an important step and gives us the necessary information to charge your client the correct amount for their order. As you can see, your Invoice shows $0 for the order's charges but that will update once you add the receipt.

  1. Select Proceed to Invoice

  2. Click Attach Receipt(s)

  3. Tap Attach next to the transaction that belongs to this order

  4. Take a clear photo of the entire receipt. Do not submit only a picture of the total, please be sure to capture all the items purchased on the receipt image.


Bbe sure to clearly capture all the items purchased on the receipt image like those shown below with ✅.

Do not submit blurry images or partial receipt images with only the total like those shown below with ❌.

7️⃣ Complete the Order BEFORE You Leave the Store

The exact amount that your client will be charged would be shown next to Total.

Before you complete the order by selecting the Charge, you can add a positive or negative adjustment to customize the client's price. A positive adjustment will add to the order and should be used if you purchased something with your own funds or notified the client of an extra charge. A negative adjustment will deduct from your earnings and should be used if you are giving the customer discount or promotion.

If you have more than one transaction for this order click Attach Receipt(s) again and add the additional receipts.

Once all receipts are attached and adjustments are made, select Charge to complete the order. Be sure to do this before you leave the store to ensure their credit card goes through, especially if they are a new customer you have never shopped for.


Don't Forget to Give Your Client the Store Receipt. 

This is a huge selling point for your business and gives your client the transparency in pricing that the other on-demand shopping apps don't provide.

🎉 Congratulations on completing your first order!

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