In addition to providing a platform for you to run your own grocery delivery business for clients that you bring and recruit to use your service, Dumpling also has a "Search for a Personal Shopper" tool that you may Opt-in to use and receive Dumpling-sourced leads from.

The "Search for a Personal Shopper" tool is promoted by Dumpling to drive awareness of the benefits of Dumpling-powered Personal Shoppers. It attracts new clients to the Dumpling platform and allows potential clients to search for and connect with a local business owner.

These Dumpling-sourced leads can be a powerful tool to help business owners build their book of clients and get their delivery business up and running quickly.

If you'd like to have your business show up in the Search results, you'll need to make sure the following steps are completed:

Requirements to Show Up in "Search for a Personal Shopper" Results:

1) Complete Business Profile

  • Display name

  • Profile picture

  • Business Name

  • Area name

  • Zip code with a delivery radius

2) Have at least one store/service listed

3) Have an opening on your schedule in the next 7 days

4) Complete the Onboarding Courses at Dumpling University (not required for Business Owners that signed up before 10/1/2021)

5) Complete an order in the past 60 days

6) Opt-In to have your business show up in results

Search Order Results

The Search order results are based on a number of factors optimized to give these Dumpling-sourced leads the best chance of finding and connecting with an active personal shopper that will become their weekly go-to for grocery delivery. Search factors are recalculated daily and are based on the past 30 days worth of data.

The search factors include:

  • Location and Proximity

  • Ratings/Reviews

  • Repeat clients and orders completed

  • Conversion of Dumpling-sourced and client-sourced leads to 1st time and repeat clients

Inactive accounts and large numbers of cancelations not related to multi-store orders will be considered in search result ranking.

In an effort to ensure the best possible client experience for Dumpling-sourced leads, we will use reasonable discretion in the results shown.

Business owners who cultivate their own new client leads and orders will boost their conversion rate.

Please note, you should NOT expect or rely on the Shopper Search tool to be your main source of clients. As a Business Owner using the Dumpling platform, you must procure your own business and your own clients.

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