Geo search allows new customers (not yet connected to a personal shopper) the ability to search for shoppers in their area in the dumpling app and if a Business Owner chooses to be listed.

If you'd like to be listed you must have specific business profile information completed, enable Zipcode Search in your Boss app, activate your shopping card, and complete one real order.

Review the details below to ensure the above criteria is met and the Business tab of your Boss app is set up properly.

Business Profile Information Needed:

  1. Display name
  2. Profile picture
  3. Business name
  4. Area name
  5. Zipcode with a delivery radius
  6. At least one “checked” schedule block
  7. At least one store/service listed

Click here for additional directions on how to edit your business profile

  1. Select Webpage Sharing & Marketing
  2. Scroll down to Zipcode Search
  3. Check ✅ "Display my business in zipcode search on the Web and mobile app".
  4. Click Done

Please note, if you'd like to remove yourself from zipcode search, uncheck the box

Once you have activated your shopping card, complete one real order, and finalize your business profile information outlined above, you will be added to the zipcode search for your first 60 days. 

To remain visible within your zip code, you must complete an order every 60 days.

Please note, you should NOT expect or rely on the Shopper Search tool to be your main source of clients. As a Business Owner using the dumpling platform, you must procure your own business and your own clients.

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