Coaching Explained

What is the coaching program?

In the coaching program you will work with one of our three coaches who will support you as you start and grow your new grocery delivery business. Our coaches are also business owners with a history of gig work who have been right where you are! Not only have they started their own delivery companies, but they have also compiled the best tips for success from personal shoppers around the country!

What can I expect to learn in the coaching program?

Our coaches cover a wide variety of topics that are personalized based on your specific area and situation. They love answering questions - please do not be shy to ask them as it helps them learn the specifics of your business!

In general you can expect to learn how to use our apps, how to price your services, how to communicate about your business, how to provide great customer service, and how to network in your area.

How to reach the Coaching Team

  1. One-on-one Coaching sessions- These are great for those that need one on one support that is tailored to their specific situations and needs. Sessions are 30 minutes long and completed via phone call.

  2. In-app/help center chat- If you have a quick question that does not need a 30 minute one on one call our coaching via chat may be for you!

  3. Office hours- Office hours is a great setting for those that would like to chat in a group setting to bounce ideas off multiple coaches and other business owners.


Does the coaching program cost anything?

Nope! All we ask for from you is time and effort!

What are the requirements to join the program?

✅ Have an active Dumpling business owner account

✅ Have an activated Boss card

✅ Complete at least 1 order (Can be a friendly order or a real order)


How does the scheduling work?

Once you have completed the pre coaching requirements you will be given a scheduling link. When you schedule you will be assigned a coach that will stay with you for the remainder of your need for a coach.

How long does it take to complete the coaching program?

This will depend on the person in the program and their needs!

What are the expectations?

  • Please make an effort to schedule calls when you are free from distractions and can actively participate in the calls without excessive background noise.

  • If you are having trouble please consider communicating directly with your coach so they are aware of what issue you may have ran into.

  • You will be responsible for creating any marketing materials that you would like for your business however the coaches are happy to guide you in the process or look them over.

Communication/Language Accessibility

How does the Coaching Team stay in communication?

Be prepared to receive communication via email, text messages, in app chat and scheduled phone calls. If any of these do not work please let your coach or the coaching manager know. It is the business owner’s responsibility to keep their coach and/or dumpling informed of their correct contact information.

Is coaching available in other languages?

Coaches can facilitate a mini version of our coaching program for those who are Spanish speaking or deaf. They are also happy to facilitate coaching in other languages through your regular interpreter if you have one available however we are unable to provide interpreter services at this time.

*If you are in need of coaching in another format please connect with the coaching team.

Reschedule policy

How to Reschedule: If you need to reschedule your call you can go back to the confirmation/reminder in your app messages to find the link. If you are unable to find this you can reach out to your coach directly. Please give the team as much notice as possible when doing so. Please be aware that repeated cancellations/reschedules can be grounds for removal from the Coaching Program.

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