Q: Will the Starter Plan rates be changing?

A: No, the starter plan is designed to be your first step onto the Dumpling platform. You can think of the Starter Plan as a trial, pay-as-you-go experience to help you determine if dumpling is a good fit for you.

Q: If I am on the current Pro Subscription, will the new rates be applied to open orders at the time of the change or will they be applied to orders placed going forward?

A: The new business subscription processing rates will be applied to orders placed after the new plans are live.

Q: Will the Tycoon Plan rates be changing?

A: Yes, the Tycoon processing rates will be changing as well, dropping down to 2.7% and it will only be charged on the Shopping and Delivery Fee, Gratuity, and any positive adjustments you make to the order.

Q: How did we calculate the break-even point for upgrading from the Starter Plan to the Pro Plan?

A: We based the calculations on the typical order size of roughly $150 of groceries and slightly less than $40 of business owner earnings after cc and processing rates.

Q: What is included in Business Owner earnings?

A: Shopping & Delivery Fee & Tip and any Positive Price Adjustments.

Q: What do Business Owner on the current Pro or Tycoon Subscription need to do to sign up for the new subscription terms?

A: Nothing, if you are on the current Pro or Tycoon plan, we will be migrating your subscription to the new processing rates.

Q: Does this apply to people on the Pioneer Subscriptions?

A: No, Pioneer subscriptions will not be moved to the new Pro Subscription. If a business owner would like to move to the new Pro Subscription they can do so themselves in their Boss App.

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