What are Office Hours?

Office Hours Is a ZOOM meeting held by the Dumpling Coaching Team for Business Owners to come ask questions, listen to potential tips and tricks from others, or you can simply come to hang out. You're free to drop in anytime during scheduled office hours and drop off whenever you’d like as well.

When Is The Next Office Hours and How Do I Join?

Office hours are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am PST/2pm EST.
You can join a current meeting in progress here. 👇

Holidays are excluded. If you would like to check out our calendar for availability, or register ahead of time to receive reminders you can do so here. 👇

Things to note:

  • Zoom works better on a computer but can be done on a phone as well.

  • Video is encouraged but not required

  • You may need to wait in the waiting room for a couple of minutes before being let into the meeting - don’t be alarmed if this happens! We will get you in as soon as we can!

Are There Other Times Available?

We will likely hold special office hours at different times depending on demand. Potentially with specific topics. For this we will reach out to you via in-app notifications to let you know when the next special Office Hours will be. If there is not an upcoming time that works for you feel free to suggest a future time for the coaching team to consider!

Who are the Dumpling Coaches?

The Dumpling Coaches are business owners like yourself! Bree C, Sarah, & Ashley not only have experience within the Gig economy, they also run their own businesses on the Dumpling apps. They have coached over 1000 business owners over the past few years and are here to help you grow your business and share tips and tricks they have learned.

Are there any questions that won’t be covered during Office Hours?

Feel free to ask any questions you may have! If you are wanting specific details on pricing your services, or how to best market within your area, those questions are best answered during one on one coaching sessions. The coaching team would be happy to reach out to you after office hours to set up a time to chat via phone call, in app chat, text or even email to go over these in greater detail. Everyone's situation and area is different, there is no one answer when it comes to pricing your services or marketing within your area.

Is giving my name or using video mandatory for Office Hours?

At Dumpling we love to get to know our business owners! While video is not mandatory it is encouraged, do make sure you are connected to audio so you are able to hear and participate in conversations. We also suggest making sure your zoom account reflects your name you signed up for dumpling with when you join so that we can look up your account to better answer any questions you have. If you do not want to share this with the entire meeting you can also privately message it to one of the hosts!

Can I record my session for later?

Please respect the privacy of other attendees and refrain from screenshotting or recording during the meeting. You are always welcome to take notes during the meeting or write in to the coaches after the meeting if you’d like to go back over something that was discussed!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Be aware of background noise around you when joining the meeting, and also when unmuting to speak. Background noise can make it extremely difficult for others to hear your question, and can also mute others who may be already speaking.

  • Coaches reserve the right to remove anyone who is disruptive or disrespectful at any time towards anyone. We want to make sure this is a welcoming space for all business owners who choose to attend!

  • Please let us know in chat if you zoom name or email is different from what your account reflects.

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