We suggest posting at least 2x a week but no more than 3x. Visual posts have a way of catching peoples eye. Especially on holidays, or during inclement weather. You can use the apps such as Canva, Ripl, Word Swag or Over, to help create visual posts. 

  1. Post your weekly schedule/hours

  2. Fun posts about sales in local stores

  3. Holiday themed posts

  4. Posts appealing to client’s due to bad weather.

  5. Posts reminding your clients to place their weekly orders.

  6. write a post directed towards a targeted clientele every once in a while. 

For example- let’s say the target audience is new parents.  

Are you a new mom or dad? Are you exhausted from all those sleepless nights? Could you use another hour in your day? If so, consider booking your next grocery order through me. Save time, money, and, energy. Remember, I shop for you like you're family! Let me give you some extra time in your day so you can focus on what really matters.

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