Many potential clients simply aren't ready to place an order for your service the very first time they log in to the dumpling app. 

Instead, downloading your app and logging in shows that are interested in your service and are probably looking around to learn more.  After taking an initial look, they close the app, and more often than not, completely forget that your business even exists. Out of sight, out of mind...

Instead of considering this a loss, these potential clients should be viewed as some of your hottest leads. They're interested in your service, have already downloaded your app, and could simply need some reminders and additional touch points to help them remember about your service the next time they're ready to order groceries.

We've got you covered!  

To help convert these hot leads to potential clients, we've implemented a messaging campaign that goes out to new clients who have downloaded and logged in to your app.  

Currently this the welcome email strategy consists of 2 messages, triggered by key actions in the app. These messages provide more information about the benefits of the platform and how-to build a shopping list and place an order.

We have additional email campaigns built out to re-engage clients who have ordered once, but not placed a second order and for potential clients who connect with your business, but never place a first order.

View welcome emails

View emails to potential customers who have connected, but not placed an order.

View emails to customers who have placed one order, but have not reordered.

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