Social Media Post Best Practices

Cut through the noise with clear business messages.

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Social Media Image Best Practices 

A potential customer should be able to read and understand the image/message, at a glance, within seconds. 

In order to ensure your image is clear, here are a few things to avoid: 

  • Background images 

  • Lots of text 

  • Unique or cursive-looking fonts 

When & where should you post: 

  • On your business FB page, daily! Update on the following: 

  • Your schedule 

  • Stores availability 

  • Sanitation practices 

  • Special offers/discounts for vulnerable populations 

  • In FB groups (neighborhood groups, parent groups, etc.) 

  • Invite friends to share your service on their personal pages

Remember, this image will be posted with supporting post text, so you can convey your message there. Here’s an example of how this might look on Facebook: 

On your business page...

On a FB group page… 

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