What is this? 

This is an example of an email that can be sent to local media, promoting your local business. Please feel free to update your business name and use as-is, or make changes to reflect your business. 

How should it be used? 

This is intended to be used as outreach to local media, to initiate conversation about sharing your business in a local news story. 

Who should I send it to?

This can be used for any type of media, to include, but not limited to: newspapers (online and/or print), radio, TV stations, bloggers, etc. 

Please be sure to update all bold items, including your YOUR NAME &  BUSINESS NAME in the following copy, before sending to anyone. If you are sending this to an individual, please add their name in the greeting line. If you do not know the person’s name, please delete the "CONTACT NAME." portion. 



I’m YOUR NAME, owner of BUSINESS NAME, a local personal shopping business that offers grocery shopping & delivery services. In the wake of the current pandemic, grocery delivery is more essential than ever. Due to the dramatically increasing need, big name grocery delivery companies are bogged down and backed up days, and in some cases, even a week. 

I’m reaching out to share with our community that my services are not only available, but still able to offer same or next day delivery services. Additionally, I am able to shop at multiple stores, to fulfill orders to the best of my ability, as many stores are experiencing shortages on some key items. Ultimately, I’m able to shop for community members, just as they would for themselves, without the restrictions of a big name grocery delivery service.

Our local economy is in need of support now more than ever, so I implore you to help spread the word about my business as a local, grocery delivery option for the people in our community.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for any additional questions! Please connect with me via the Dumpling app, here (hyperlink your weblink)

Thank you, 


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