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How to give your clients discounts via a personalized code.

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If creating some sort of discount code is something that you would like to do for your business you're in luck! You now have the ability to create your very own codes. Before we dive into how to do this please note that your clients will NOT be utilizing the actual coupon box in the client app for this.

Step 1: Think of a code word and how much you would like to discount your services for example: "delivery5" could mean you give $5.00 off the delivery fee. Make it something memorable.

Step 2: Keep your "code word" in a safe place and start sending to your clients

Step 3: advise your clients to type the code word into the NOTES section of their order NOT the coupon box and place the order.

Step 4: This will reflect in your boss app in the order details under the clients name. 

Step 5: Shop and check out as normal. 

Step 6: Before you close the order, use the adjustment feature to discount your clients order. 

There you have it you have successfully created a coupon for your clients. 

If you're client is wanting to add a Dumpling gift card or a coupon that was issued by Dumpling, they would need to enter that in the Coupon box at checkout.

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