Welcome Emails

Who gets these messages?

Anyone who downloads the dumpling app and is connected to a valid shopper's business receives these messages via email & text message.

When do the messages get sent?

There are 2 messages in this campaign:

  • The 1st message is sent on the day your potential customer first logs in to the dumpling app

  • The 2nd message is sent when the customer first selects a store to start building a list

When a customer places an order, they are immediately removed from this campaign and won't receive any additional messages from it.

What exactly do the messages say?

Here are the current versions of the messages that get sent. As we are always striving to improve their impact and effectiveness, they are subject to change.

1st Message
Discover the #dumplingdifference
View the video linked in the message, here.

2nd Message
What's on your grocery list?
View the video linked in the message, here.

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