What is Office Hours?

Office Hours is a ZOOM meeting held by the Dumpling Coaching Team. These meetings are recorded and may be used within Dumpling content.

Office Hours is a space to come ask questions, and listen to potential tips and tricks from others, or you can simply come to hang out. Common topics that may come up are, how to effectively promote your business and even tips from other business owners. You're free to drop in anytime during our regular office hours and drop off whenever you’d like as well.

Note: This is not a 1 on 1 call with a coach and you will be in a Zoom meeting with the Dumpling Coaches and other business owners who decide to join, video is not required but encouraged.

Topic Office Hours

Occasionally we will host Office Hours that have specific topics for the meeting, such as Holiday marketing or tips and tricks with veteran business owners. These Office Hours are for any active business owner and they are designed for those who are a little more established within their business and are looking for new ideas. These meetings are recorded and may be used within Dumpling content.

These meetings are not run like normal Office Hours and go over higher-level topics and are a place to share ideas or tips and answer questions relevant to the topic at hand. During these Office Hours, questions will usually be saved for the end of the meeting or you are always welcome to ask in the chat and we can answer them as they come in.

To be mindful of everyone's time, we ask that attendees join these sessions at the start of the meeting, you will not be able to join later than 5 minutes after the start time. If you cannot make the meeting you are always able to watch the recording within the University here.

Who can attend Office Hours?

Active business owners can attend Office Hours if they have;

-Completed at least 1 order in the last 60 days

-Completed the University Onboarding Courses (if signed up after January 2021)

If you have completed all of the above you will automatically receive an in-app push for Office Hours at the start of the meeting. If you are not receiving the in-app push, have any questions, or opted out of receiving Office Hours notifications in the past, reach out to the Coaching team through the Message Center in your Boss app.

When Is The Next Office Hours and How Do I Join?

To view our upcoming Office Hours topics, check out our calendar here.

Please be aware that holidays or surrounding days are excluded.

When registering for Office Hours you can select multiple days and times for the events you would like to attend (on some mobile devices you will need to select the drop-down each time to select multiple days. Check out the image below).

Once you have completed the registration you will receive an email (which will come from Zoom) with the meeting link. Within this email, you will find a button to add these events to your Calendar of choice.

What if I am unable to attend a meeting?

That's ok! We know how busy running a business can be. If you are unable to attend a Topic Office Hours meeting and would like to watch the recording you can do so here.
If you are unable to attend normal Office Hours and have questions or need help 1 on 1 help, you can write to the Coaching team. We have a much wider range of times and days available for 1 on 1 help to make sure you are able to get the help you need at a time that works better for you.

Who are the Dumpling Coaches?

The Dumpling Coaches are business owners like yourself! Sarah & Ashley not only have experience within the Gig economy, they also run their own businesses on the Dumpling apps. They have helped over 1,000 business owners and are here to help you grow your business and share what they have learned. To learn more about them check out this Youtube video here.

Are there any questions that won’t be covered during Office Hours?

We strive to focus on topics and questions that are relevant to the majority of meeting attendees. If you are wanting specific details on pricing your services or how to best market within your area, those questions are best answered one on one with the Coaching team.

If you have App/Order concerns or account specific questions (such as earnings), our Support team will be able to best help you.

You can reach the Coaching or Support teams through the Message Center in your Boss app.

Taxes: The Dumpling team cannot give tax advice outside of the articles below

In order to ensure that office hours is a productive and helpful meeting to all who attend, please respect the following guidelines:

  • Coaches reserve the right to remove anyone from attending Office Hours who is disruptive or disrespectful at any time towards anyone, this includes the Dumpling team staff and all business owners. We want to make sure this is a welcoming space for all business owners who choose to attend!

  • Please raise your hand to ask a question using the “Raise Hand” feature and wait to be asked to unmute. You can find the "Raise Hand" feature in the Reactions button as pictured below ⬇️

    • Be aware of background noise when you are unmuted.

    • Be somewhere stationary and not driving when unmuting, otherwise there can be signal interruptions and the coaches may be unable to hear your question.

  • Respect the Coaches and their right to moderate the conversation within the dedicated amount of time and move things along when needed.

  • Please ensure that your zoom account name and email match your Dumpling account. We will not admit zoom users whose names we do not recognize.

  • Out of respect for all participants, please refrain from screenshotting or recording during the meeting. You can reach out to the Coaches after if you’d like to go back over something that was discussed.

Things to Note:

  • Zoom works better on a computer but can be done on a phone as well.

  • Video is encouraged but not required

  • You may need to wait in the waiting room for a couple of minutes before being let into the meeting - don’t be alarmed if this happens! We will get you in as soon as we can!

  • You're free to drop in anytime during our normal Office Hours and drop off whenever you’d like as well.

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