Q: How can I add a minimum number of hours required before placing an order to my existing schedule?

A: You can set the required minimum amount of time for Clients to be able to place an order for a specified time block in the Boss App, by selecting Schedule >> Availability from the menu on the Business Tab.

To edit existing time blocks that are already on your schedule, you will need to edit them individually by following the easy steps below!

Q. What is the difference between Hide Time Slots and Show Time Slots?

A. Hide Time Slots completely removes the option for Clients to select a delivery window that falls within the minimum number of hours specified. Show Time Slots still allows Clients to pick a delivery window that falls within the minimum number of hours specified, but prompts clients to first message you and ask if you can fulfill the order.

Q: What do my customers see if I choose "Show Time Slots" to warn them and ask them to reach out before booking within the buffer time?

A: Your customer will be pushed to contact you before placing an order if the time block they select is within the buffer time you have set and then again just before placing their order.

Q: Will setting a buffer time for receiving orders affect my weekly schedule overview on my website?

A: If you set buffer time for your schedule block(s) and opt to Hide Time Slots when within the buffer time, the slots will not be shown on your schedule overview.

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