What's included in the Pro Subscription?

The Pro Subscription now includes the Pro Tab which brings all existing and new Pro Plan features to a single place, on the new Pro Tab in the Boss App.

We're talking Instant Payouts, Automated Messages, Virtual Cards, Promotional Tools, Custom URLs, and Brand Colors all in one spot!

Instant Payouts

Receive your earnings 30 minutes after you close an order, even after hours and on weekends and holidays. We use stripe to process instant payouts at a cost of 1% of the payout or 50ยข minimum.

To use instant payouts, just add a supported bank debit card. This feature is available to paying Pro-Plan subscribers.

Automated Messages

Automatically send custom messages to leads and clients at just the right time! This means that you can use your own words to customize each message.

You can enable automatic chat messages based on three scenarios:

  • Welcome message immediately after a lead first connects with you. Never forget to welcome a new lead and tell them all about your business.

  • A reminder 3 days after a lead connects with you. People are busy, so a nice reminder never hurts.

  • Reorder reminder 21 days after a client last placed an order with you. Build your base of clients with a reminder to place another order.

Smart Promotions

Ready for more Pro Features?

It's time to try Smart Promotions with the Piggyback Tool, where you can easily create and customize Automated Piggyback Discounts and notifications for clients and leads.

The Smart Promotional Tool, makes it easy to offer a discount to qualified clients , that "Piggyback" onto an existing order, by placing their own order.

Virtual Cards

How about the convenience of access to Virtual Cards? Simply click on the Virtual Card icon to request your card and connect to the Dumpling Team.


Go even further with your branding! Request custom URL's and brand colors for your profile page with a quick tap on the icons.

Savings on Credit Card Processing

Pay less per transaction, click here to see the savings on credit card processing fees when on the Pro Subscription.

Not on the Pro Plan and want to try the New Piggyback Promotions? Just send us a message through the Message Center in the Boss App and we'll set you up with a 30 Day Trial For $1!

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