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Communicating with Clients & Leads

Practicing your pitch to potential clients can be a pivotal moment, use these tips to prepare.

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A key part of growing your personal shopping business is learning how to talk about it to potential clients. This means talking about it in a way that keeps their interest in about 1-2 minutes!

So what does your business solve and who are your potential clients? Think about why you started your business and what it is that your business has to offer. Maybe you were looking for flexibility, the ability to shop anywhere, wanting to serve the same clients each time or providing clients with transparent pricing.

Focus on what you specialize in and how it sets you apart from other delivery options and even other business owners in your area. Do you have delivery or food experience? Do you specialize in healthy options and farmer's markets? Are you great at assisting retirees or families? Do you speak additional languages?

Once you have shared the most important information, give them the opportunity to ask questions! Make sure you are comfortable with your company policies, the Dumpling app and are able to help walk clients through if they have trouble.

Some examples of questions you can expect to get are:

  1. How do I schedule an order?

  2. Can I place an order for multiple stores?

  3. Can I change the delivery date/time?

  4. How do I add items to an order that was already placed?

  5. Why are the prices in the app not the same as in store?

  6. What do I do if I cannot find an item I am looking for in the app?

  7. How can I place an order for a store not shown on the Dumpling app?

Now that you know how to talk about your business, let’s dive into the best ways to practice talking about your business to potential clients. How you communicate is just as important as what you say. With practice, you can avoid becoming distracted, talking too fast or forgetting important information. Your goal is to practice until it feels natural for you.

Practice Pro Tips:

  • Positively focus on your business rather than talking negatively about competitors.

  • Remember to keep it short, about 1-2 minutes.

  • Practice with family or friends.

  • Don’t over complicate it with too much information.

Once you have practiced and feel ready, start with places or people you feel comfortable talking to. Remember, it’s ok if people say no! Feel confident and move onto the next potential client.

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