From displaying your business name to setting your delivery area and service prices, the Business tab of your Boss app will be your go-to place to manage your business details.

When you first launch the Business tab, it will clearly show which details are missing and what's needed to complete your business set up.

1️⃣ Add Your Profile Picture!

  1. Select View profile

  2. Click the camera 📷 icon

  3. Either select a picture from your photos or snap a selfie 🤳

  4. Click Done

NOTE: You MUST have a profile picture to complete your Business Profile!

Lookin' good! Continue setting up your business...

Clicking each section with a ❗and entering the details listed below. Once you enter all the necessary information, the ❗️will go away and the completed section will move to the lower half of the screen.

2️⃣ Add Your Stores & Services

  1. Select Stores & Services

  2. Click either  “+” or “Add”

  3. Select a store by searching by name or scrolling alphabetically

4. Select the pricing model you'd like to use for this service (Fixed or Percentage)
5. Customize the pricing details and select "Add"

🙋🏻‍♀️ Click here to learn more about the pricing models and view example orders.

📝 Pick a Store is a catch-all option where your clients can write in any store that is not on your list.  We recommend including this option.

Keep in mind, your dumpling Boss Card only works where VISA Credit Cards are accepted and it is not a debit card.

For stores that only accept Debit Cards, such as Winco, you can request a PEX Card through the Message Center. PEX Cards are Debit only.

3️⃣ Complete Your Business Profile

1. Business and Display Name

  • Business Name- Create a catchy name that describes your business

  • Display Name - This is what users will see when reviewing your business profile. Don't overthink it right now - you can come back and change it after you've picked the perfect one!

  • Business Phone Number (Optional) - If you'd like to use a different phone number for your business than you used on your application, you can add a business phone number here.

2. Set your Delivery Zip Codes

  • Area Name – This description is displayed to users to tell them what area(s) you’ll deliver to. 

  • Home Zip Code – This should be the zip code closest to your home

  • Delivery Zip Codes- This is where you add all the zip codes in your area that you are willing to service with the prices you have set.

3. Tell Customers About You and Your Business

  • About Me Tagline – This one-liner will be front and center on your website and shopper profile.

  • About Me – This section allows you to give a detailed description about the services you provide and what makes you a great shopper!

    If you are wanting to know what kind of information to put here, check out our Guidebook post for more details.

4. Select Your Specialty Tags

  • Add tags for your unique specialties that will help users find the best shopper for them

5. Click Done

 4️⃣ Set Your Schedule

Your schedule starts out fully available, be sure to go in and customize your availability.

  1. Select Schedule 

  2. Click Edit

  3. Set your Typical Business Hours

  4. Tap Save

3. Select Settings

4. Set your preferred Time Block Hours and Order per Time Block

For more information on Booking Conditions, view our help article for details.

5. Click Save

6. Select Business Hours

7. Add your standard schedule in time blocks as you wish by selecting "Add"

8. If you'd like to edit a particular time block, click the block to edit the duration or number of orders allowed per block.

9. Select Save

10. Schedule any upcoming days off up to a year in advance

11. Be sure to click Save

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