As a Business Owner using the dumpling platform you should be fully prepared to actively engage, connect with, and produce customers interested in your personal shopping services.

The following are just some tools available to you through the dumpling platform.

1️⃣ Your Custom Business Profile and Website

Review the details below to understand how your Business Profile is used to educate customers on the benefits of your service and encourage them to download your app.

Your website is also optimized for desktop view with all the same details!

Remember, your website link can be shared on social media, via text and featured in print marketing to drive customer to learn more about your services.

2️⃣ Shopper Search by Zip Code

New customers without a personal shopper have the ability to search for shoppers in their zip code, review their business information, and connect with the best shopper for them. 

This is an example of the Shopper Search by zip code.

In order to be visible by the Shopper Search in your area:

  1. You must complete your Business Profile (example shown above). 

  2. You must activate your shopping card. 

  3. You will automatically be added to the shopper search in the zip code radius you selected for your first 60 days. 

  4. To remain visible within your zip code, you must complete an order every 60 days.

  5. Complete ALL Onboarding Courses in Dumpling University.

Please note, you should NOT expect or rely on the Shopper Search tool to be your main source of clients. As a Business Owner using the dumpling platform, you must procure your own business and your own clients.

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