Follow the steps below to download the 2 apps you will need to get started, Log in as a business owner and a customer, and request your dumpling Boss Credit Card to be sent to you!

In this course you will:

🥟 Download the Boss & the Dumpling Grocery Delivery Apps

🥟 Log-in to the Boss App as the Business Owner

🥟 Log-in to the Dumpling Grocery Delivery App as a Customer

🥟 Request your Boss Card for funding

1️⃣ Download the Apps

  • The dumpling platform has two apps that you & your clients will use

  • Download the Dumpling Grocery & Boss apps from the Google Play or iPhone App Store

2️⃣ Log-In to the Boss App

  • The Boss app uses your mobile phone number to log in

  • The first time you log in, the Boss app will send you a four-digit verification code

3️⃣ Identity Verification

  • Select the Business tab and click Identity

  • Enter all required details, check ✅ the Terms of Service, and select Save

4️⃣ Request the Dumpling Boss Credit Card

  • In the Business tab select dumpling Boss Card

  • Enter required Shipping information and select Request

  • Congratulations, your card should arrive in 7-10 days!

5️⃣ Invite Client

The Boss app has an Invite Client feature that makes it super easy to share your app with anyone that is interested. Invite yourself to see what the experience is like from both sides!

  • Go to the Clients tab

  • Click 👤+

  • Enter Your Name and Phone Number

  • Select Invite

  • This is the text your client will receive when you add them as a Client from the Boss app:

6️⃣ Client Tab & Categories

In the Client tab, clients are separated by three categories:

  • ACTIVE - those who have connected with you and placed an order

  • LEADS - those who have connected with you and have not placed an order

  • INVITED - those who have not connected with you yet

Message customers who have connected with you directly through the app or Resend an invite to those who have not connected yet.

7️⃣ Dumpling Grocery Delivery app

Now that you have invited yourself as a client from the Boss app, it's time to log into the Dumpling Grocery Delivery app!

  • When logging in to the dumpling app, be sure to use the same mobile number that you used to invite yourself in the Boss app. This will ensure that your shopper profile is connected to your account and shows up once you log in.

  • Notice that COMING SOON! has been added to the beginning of your business name. This will stay here until you activate your dumpling Boss Credit Card card

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