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Fraud Analysis and Protection
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Per the dumpling terms of services, business owners are financially responsible for all purchases made on the Dumpling Boss Card in their possession.

This means if a customer is unable to pay for the items after a purchase is done on their behalf or a customer files a credit card dispute after the order is complete, the business owner is then responsible for the transaction.

All services plans offered on the dumpling platform include Fraud Analysis and Protection on orders if the following criteria are met:

  • The goods purchased do not include any "Restricted Items" outlined in TOS

  • The goods purchased only include typical food and grocery items, not other categories such as electronics, furniture, mattresses, and appliances

  • The goods purchased were delivered to the same address specified by Client when they placed the order in the dumpling app

  • The goods were purchased using the Dumpling issued credit card

  • You marked the order completed and charged or attempted to charge the client prior to delivering the goods

  • You can provide proof of delivery of the goods purchased, including a photograph and timestamp of items delivered to Client

  • You can provide copies of all communications with Client, including text messages and written summaries of verbal conversations

  • The value of goods purchased is less than $500

  • You have no more than 4 claims of fraud protection in any 12-month period

  • You made reasonable efforts to collect payment from Client, including unpaid and disputed charges

  • You have made a reasonable effort to prevent, investigate and report fraud

  • You have completed all dumpling fraud applications and forms

If a business owner is on one of these service plans and they met the criteria listed above, they may be released from the financial responsibility of the undeliverable items or credit card dispute.

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