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Export your earnings
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You can export your order and earnings in the Boss App under the Earnings section of the Business tab. This report can be used to track your earnings or verify your income. At this time, only complete order data for 2023 is available to export.

To export your earnings report, follow the directions below:

  1. Select the Business tab in the Boss App

  2. Click Earnings

  3. Tap Export

  4. Select 2023 as the year

  5. Click Export

The report will be emailed to the email address you have on file with Dumpling and typically takes 10-20 minutes to arrive.

Some important details:

  • Time & Date: the time that the order was closed.

  • Order ID: the full 36-character order ID.

  • Short Order ID: the shortened 8-character order ID that appears in the Boss and Dumpling apps.

  • Total Sales: the total amount charged to your client. This includes charges that were later refunded or partially refunded. See table below for details.

  • Total Expenses: your expenses on an order. See table below for details.

  • Refunds/Returns: any amount refunded back to your client's credit card.

  • Refunds/Returns Paid By BO: any amount refunded back to your client that was also deducted from your Stripe account.

  • Total Earnings: the total you earned on an order, after expenses. See table below for details.

  • Client Name: the name of the client for an order.

  • Service Name: the name of the store or service for an order.

  • Grocery Spend: the amount charged using the Dumpling Boss card.

  • External Transactions: any amount you added to the order as an external transaction.

  • Shopping & Delivery: your shopping and delivery fee for an order.

  • Gratuity: the client gratuity amount added when the order was originally placed.

  • Platform Fee by Client: the platform fee that the client was charged.

  • Platform Fee by BO: the platform fee that you opted to pay for your client

  • Dumpling Platform Fee: the total of the platform fee paid by your client or by you.

  • Processing Fee: the processing fee you paid on an order.

  • Adjustment: the positive or negative adjustment you added to an order.

  • Coupon Amount: the amount of any coupon added to an order.

  • Gift Card Amount: the amount of any gift card valued added to an order.

  • Additional Gratuity: gratuity added by a client after the order was closed.

  • Other Transfers and Manual Transfers: any miscellaneous transfers made to your Stripe account.

Components of Total Sales, Expenses, and Earnings

Total Sales

Total Expenses


Grocery Spend

External Transactions

Shopping & Delivery


Platform Fee by Client



Grocery Spend

Platform Fee by Client

Platform Fee by BO

Processing Fee

External Transactions

Shopping & Delivery


Additional Gratuity


-(Platform Fee by BO)

-(Processing Fee)

-(Refunds/Returns Paid by BO)

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