You can export your payouts for 2020 in the Boss App under the Earnings section of the Business tab. This report can be used to track your earnings or verify your income. At this time, only 2020 payouts are available to export.

To export your earnings report, follow the directions below:

  1. Select the Business tab in the Boss App

  2. Click Earnings

  3. Tap Export

  4. Select 2020 as the year

  5. Click Export

The report will be emailed to the email address you have on file with Dumpling and typically takes 10-20 minutes to arrive.

Some important details:

  1. Estimated Payment Arrival can vary as it is up to your bank to make funds available after it's deposited, even if the Status is “paid”.

  2. The Payout is the amount that was deposited into your account and can contain more than 1 order or tip payments.

  3. The Payments listed under and to the right of each Payout, are the individual payments that make up the Payout amount.

  4. Payment Info will indicate if a payment is from an Additional Gratuity that left once an order was complete.

  5. The Order Number and Client Name for each Payment is listed to the right.

  6. If you have a Payment with a blank Order Number and Customer Name, it is from a Restaurant Pickup or Delivery Only order done within that date range.

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