Payouts and Insights
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Earning payout details and order Insights are available in the Business Tab of your Boss App. Follow the steps below to learn what can be viewed in the Insights Tab, and how to access information about your payouts in the Earnings Tab.

1️⃣ Insights Tab

2️⃣ Earnings Tab

Additional gratuity can be left minutes or days after an order is complete, therefor those earning may be deposited on another day.


You may notice a slight difference between the Order Dates in the Earnings tab vs. the Insights tab. This is because the Insights tab organizes data by the date the order was closed and the Earnings tab organizes data by the Estimated date the payment was deposited in your bank account.

For Example: If an order was completed on June 30th, it would show up immediately in the Trends section of the Insights tab for the month of June. However, since the Payout is deposited approx. 3 days later, the Earnings tab would show this Payout on an estimated date of July 3rd.

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