External Transactions
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This feature is available to select business owners and should be used as a supplement to, not in replacement of, Boss Card transactions if the Boss Card is not accepted.

You will be able to add a transaction made with a payment method other than the Boss Card, to an order. This will add that amount to the Customer's total, with any Shopping and Deliver Percentages, Platform Fees, and/or Tip Percentages calculated on the amount, then payout the Business Owner for the transaction.

For Example:

By using this feature, you are agreeing to:

  • Not process charges for prohibited items using the Dumpling Platform

  • Have written confirmation from the Client before adding the external transaction (orders placed by the customer with the item details are sufficient)

  • Have a physical receipt for the product or service being charged and attach a photo to the order

  • Assume financial responsibility for the transaction if a Credit Card Dispute is filed against the transaction or the order

  • Track your own transaction expenses for tax and accounting purposes

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