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How to Process A Client Order
How to Process A Client Order

This article walks you through how to view the details of a new order and process it with the Boss App

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Follow the directions below to complete your first order!

1️⃣ New Order Notification

When one of your clients places an order, you’ll receive a text message informing you of the order and telling you to check the Boss app for details.

🙋🏽‍♀️When an order is placed, your dumpling card will be funded, so you can shop for the items ordered.

2️⃣ Review Order and Plan

  • Open the Boss App and Select the “Orders” tab at the bottom of the screen

  • Open” at the top to view your open orders!

  • Tap the order you want to view to see the details! Here you can review the delivery time and delivery address!

  • Clicking on the map icon opens navigation! Use this feature to help you plan your route and estimate your delivery times

3️⃣ Communicate with Client

Now is the time to establish Great Communication with your new Client! Repeat clients have shared that great communication is the #1 reason that keeps them ordering with their Personal Shopper!

  • From the Client Tab, Tap the Client Name you want to Message and Begin Chat!

  • Confirm the Delivery Time, Delivery Date, and ask about any Preferences they may have!

  • It's always Best Practice to let the client know you have received their order, confirm the delivery time, delivery date, and ask about any preferences they may have.

4️⃣ Organize Shopping List

From the Order Tab, tap Open orders and select the list you want to view! Our list features create a faster and more fun “in-store” shopping experience!

Notice the list items are organized by Category! If you would like to rearrange the list, tap the Menu icon in the top right corner of the list, and select ‘Rearrange’. Here, you can drag and drop the items into a preferred order!

It’s Best Practice to organize the list prior to going to the store! This helps to ensure you have organized the list in a way that works for you, and that you are prepared before arriving at the store!

  • Open the shopping list, by tapping on “View List”.

  • The Categorized list is a default view and can be rearranged in any order that you prefer.

  • Click “Rearrange” at the top right of your screen! You are now able to “Drag and Drop” each item.

  • Once you have finished reorganizing the list, be sure to click ‘Done” to save your changes.

5️⃣ Time to Shop!

Once you have arrived at the store, it's Best Practice to start by sending a message to your client to alert them that you are at the store and ready to begin their order.

This alert lets the client know that this is a good time to add any last-minute items, and ensure they are available for any questions or ideas that you may have during the shopping trip.

  • From the Open Order, select 'Started Shopping' in the middle of the screen This in-app chat lets the Client know that you are at the store to begin shopping for their order.

6️⃣ Before Checking Out

Once you have finished the shopping list, it’s Best Practice to message the client to alert them that you are completing their order.

  • Message client to let them know you are going to finish the order

  • Refresh the Dumpling app for any last-minute changes or additions from the client

  • Your Boss card is funded for $350 per order. Before checking out, ensure your card has sufficient funding is Best Practice. If your order will be more than $350, please reach out to Support during business hours to request additional funding.

7️⃣ Checkout

It’s time to checkout! The Dumpling Boss Card is VISA credit card and can be used wherever VISA Cards are accepted. This includes warehouse or wholesale stores such as Costco, BJ's, and Sam's Club. Your Dumpling Boss Card will not work at stores that only accept debit transactions or at Trader Joes.

  • Get your own membership for warehouse and wholesale stores. These types of business expenses can often written-off on taxes

  • At checkout, pay using the credit card chip or the contactless option of “Tap to Pay”. Select the available or preferred option and complete the transaction as directed on the payment device!

8️⃣ Adding Receipts

Uploading the order receipts and adjustments is the last step before delivery. Best Practice is to complete this step prior to leaving the store. This is an important step and gives Dumpling the information needed to charge your client the correct amount for their order!

After you have shopped the order and before leaving the store, you’ll need to add the transaction(s) and receipt(s) to the order. Take note that your Invoice shows $0 for the order's charges but this will update once you have added the receipt(s).

  1. Select Proceed to Invoice at the bottom of the Active Order Screen

  2. Click Attach Receipt(s)

  3. Tap Attach next to the transaction that belongs to this order

  4. Take a clear photo of the entire receipt(s)

9️⃣ Complete Order BEFORE Leaving Store

If you have more than one transaction for this order click Attach Receipt(s) again and add the additional receipts. The exact amount that your client will be charged would be shown next to Total.

Before you complete the order by selecting the Charge, you can add a positive or negative adjustment to customize the client's price. It's Best Practice

  • Positive Adjustments will add to the order and should be used if you have purchased something with your personal funds, or you have notified the client of an extra charge! To use this option, it is required that you get a written acknowledgement from the client in a text or email, agreeing to the additional charges!

  • Negative Adjustments will deduct from your earnings and should be used if you are giving the client a discount or promotion

Once all receipts are attached and adjustments are made, select Charge to complete the order. Be sure to do this before you leave the store to ensure their credit card goes though, especially if they are a new customer you have never shopped for.

🔟 Complete Order & Delivery

Don't forget to give your client the store receipt. This is a huge selling point for your business and gives your client the transparency in pricing that the other on-demand shopping apps don't provide.

Grocery Handling Best Practices:

  • It’s Always Best to Follow Safe Food Handling and COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Ensuring That Your Vehicle Has a Clean and Uncluttered Area for the Groceries

  • Make Sure to Bag Raw Meats and Chemical Items Separately to Prevent Cross-Contamination

  • Use Insulated Bags and Coolers to Keep Items at the Correct Temperature

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