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Creating & Using Social Media Business Pages
Creating & Using Social Media Business Pages
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Add a profile photo and a cover photo. 

  1. Try using apps or websites such as Canva, Word Swag, Over, or any other apps that will let you create custom images for your cover photo)

  2. If using a photo of yourself try to avoid close up photos and photos with filters.

  3. Try to stick to a color theme of 2 or 3 colors. Clean is KEY!

Add the “USE APP” button to your fb page

  1. You can get the direct link to download your app by right clicking on the "download my app" button on the desktop version of your webpage and copying the link  

Add your URL in the website section

  1. Your URL is located in the Business tab of your Boss App under Sharing & Marketing

  2. NOTE - do not add www to your URL, it won't work. The following format will work best: my<replace this with your site>

  1. Edit the “About” section. You can tell your story of why you decided to start your business, or you can simply explain your services.

  2. Edit your hours so potential clients know when you're available.

  3. Create your FIRST POST and SHARE it on your personal page!

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