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How to Identify and Report Fraud
How to Identify and Report Fraud

This article walks you through how to identify and report suspected customer fraud.

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While fraudulent activity is rare on the dumpling platform, it does happen from time to time and we want to give you the tools to help identify possible fraud.

🚩 Identify Red Flags

Most Fraudulent orders have a few things in common. When accepting orders, be sure to look for these most common red flags:

🚩 1st-time customers that you don't know.
🚩 1st-time customers that ask to communicate on phone numbers different than what is listed on their account.
🚩 Big-ticket items (gift cards, electronics, mattresses, non-grocery items, grocery items that can be resold like energy/sports drinks, individually bagged snacks, etc.)
🚩 Large tip percentages (We all love getting 25 and 30% tips but If they are combined with huge orders from people you don't know - it may be too good to be true)

🐟 If Something Seems Fishy

So, you've noticed something fishy about your order. What should you do? Follow the steps below to help prevent fraud.

  1. Write into Support to ask about the customer's account and credit card details, getting a 2nd opinion is always a good idea!

  2. For first-time customers, even if the order doesn't seem fishy - complete/close the order before delivering the groceries. This will at least ensure their card has enough funds to close the order.

  3. If something seems weird or off - one easy thing to do is to simply decline the order. Make up any reason you want (your schedule is already full, you're sick, etc) and simply cancel.

  4. If you do this, make sure to notify Dumpling, so that we can be on the lookout for the same customer placing a similar order with a different shopper.

Dumpling & Prevention

What other ways does Dumpling help prevent fraud?

  • When entering a new credit card, additional information is required.

  • Pre-paid debit card use is restricted, because these are commonly used with fraudulent orders.

  • Provide Fraud Protection for orders that adhere to our terms of service requirements.

  • Dumpling keeps our Business Owners informed about new fraud attempts. Recently we sent notification of scammers claiming to be dumpling employees have contacted business owners asking for the security code sent via SMS when logging in. We will never do this. Not only will we NEVER ask for your code, we will always notify you via the Boss app before reaching out to you directly.

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