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What items are prohibited?
What items are prohibited?

This article walks you through some of dumplings prohibited items and what to do if a customer requests them

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Although prohibited items or stores are not present on the dumpling™ platform, some customers may still request these items in their shopping list or by personal request.

Some items to look 👀 out for are:

(a) Gift cards, gift certificates, prepaid cards, prepaid phone cards, and related items;

(b) Cannabis and related goods;

(c) Tobacco, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid;

(d) Prescription-only products;

Some stores 🛒 to avoid:

(a) Trader Joe's

With respect to alcoholic beverages, we do not currently permit or provide compliance/customer service support for, the purchase and delivery of alcohol.

If a Shopper has all applicable permits/licenses required by their local jurisdiction and chooses to pick up and deliver alcohol outside of the dumpling platform, the Shopper becomes entirely responsible for the customers request and cannot hold dumpling responsible for any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses arising from the order.

dumpling™ will not be responsible for providing any refunds for said orders and all expenses incurred as a result of the request, or purchase of alcohol, falls completely upon the Clients and/or Shoppers, not dumpling™.

Be sure to review dumplings full terms of service which includes all prohibited items and your responsibility as a shopper.

What if a customer requests prohibited items?

If a prohibited item is requested by a customer, kindly inform them what will be excluded from their order. Consider using the following script:


This is your personal shopper, [YOUR NAME], from dumpling!

I was just going through your order and noticed you had requested [PROHIBITED ITEM]. 

Unfortunately, [PROHIBITED ITEM] is prohibited on the dumpling platform so I won't be able to purchase that but, I will deliver everything else available on your list within your requested time.

See you soon!"

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