Activate Your Dumpling Boss Card

This article walks you through how to activate your dumpling Boss Card, once you receive it.

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You have already customized business details in the dumpling app and your dumpling Boss Card has been delivered. It's time to complete the steps below to activate your Boss Card!

1️⃣ dumpling Boss Card

  • From the Boss App, Select the Business tab

  • Click dumpling Boss Card

  • Click OK on the pop up titled 'Needs Activation'.

2️⃣ Card Details & Activation

  • Click Activate to the right of your Boss Card details

  • In the new screen, enter the Card Holder's Name

  • Enter the Card Number

  • Enter the Expiration Date

  • Click Activate in the upper right corner of your screen

  • Tap 'OK' in the Success pop-up box

3️⃣ Next Steps

Now you're ready to complete your first "Friendly" order! This is an order placed by a friend, family member, or even yourself to better understand the shopping process from start to finish.

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