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How to Troubleshoot an Order: FAQs
How to Troubleshoot an Order: FAQs

This article walks you through what to do if you have a store return, need to reopen an order, or you paid for a customers items.

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If you have an issue with an order that you need to troubleshoot, review the scenarios below:

You Paid For A Customer's Items With Your Own Funds

At this time, there is no way for Dumpling to reimburse you directly if you paid for your customer's items with your own funds. You can troubleshoot this in a few different ways:

  1. If you can, return the items purchased to your card then use the Boss Card to repurchase them.

  2. If the item total is under $50, you can add it to the order as an Adjustment. Adjustments go straight to you but the tip is not calculated on adjustments.

  3. You can have the customer pay you directly for the items, then you can either close the order out as "Delivery Only" or cancel the order altogether.

You Need To Return An Item To The Store

If you have an item that needs to be returned to the store and credited to your customer:

  1. Return the item onto your dumpling Boss Card

  2. Send an image of the return receipt using the Help Center Chat πŸ’¬ or the message center in your Boss App with the customer's name and OrderID.

  3. We will credit the customer's card and let you know once complete, from there it will take 5-10 for your customer to see the credit.

You Need To Add Multiple Receipts To One Order

Follow these directions if you shopped at multiple stores and would like to add all transactions to one open order:

  1. Select the order you'd like to attach the transactions to

  2. Click Proceed to Invoice


  4. Click the first receipt you'd like to attach to this order and snap a picture of the receipt.

  5. Tap ATTACH RECEIPT(S) again and continue the process above until you attach all necessary transactions to the order.

  6. Verify the correct transactions are listed on the order

  7. Select "Charge $"

You Need To Purchase A Replacement For An Item That Is Out Of Stock

If an item a customer requested is out of stock, you can just purchase a customer approved replacement instead. No need to change it in the app or update their order.

Customers are only charged what is on their grocery receipt.

You Need To Re-open A Closed Order

If you closed an order incorrectly or without a receipt, please reach out to Support in the message center. We will have to refund the customer the amount that has been charged (this can take 5-10 days) and re-charge them the correct amount.

If you are interested in re-opening an order because you forgot to add an adjustment, we suggest implementing the adjustment on a future order as re-opening and re-funded an order ties up the customer's funds for 5-10 days.

You Need To Remove A Receipt From An Order

If a transaction is attached to an order it doesn't belong to, you can remove it easily!

  1. Select the order the transaction is attached to

  2. Click "Proceed to Invoice"

  3. Tap the Trash Can icon on the transaction that doesn't belong to the order

The Store Cashier Added An Incorrect Item To A Receipt

If something from a different order or a personal item for you was added to the receipt of an order it doesn't belong to, you can do 2 different things to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Add a negative Adjustment for the amount of the incorrect item(s) on the customer's order it didn't belong to. If the item is for another customer, then add a positive Adjustment to the customer's order that is receiving the item. If the item is for you, the negative adjustment will ensure you are paying for the item.

  2. Refund the incorrect item onto your dumpling Boss Card and send the return receipt to us using the help center chat. We will issue the customer a refund once it processes

You Used The Dumpling Boss Card Incorrectly

If you accidentally used the Dumpling Boss Card to purchase items for yourself or for a customer on another platform, please try to have the store issue a refund to your Dumpling Boss Card and use the correct card to purchase the items.

If they are unable to complete the return, please place an order as a client with yourself as the shopper, attach the transaction and receipt to the order, and charge yourself for the purchase.


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