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How do New Leads Connect with Me?
How do New Leads Connect with Me?

This article walks through the different types of new lead sources and what gets attributed to Business Owners and Dumpling.

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There are a number of ways that a new lead can connect to your personal shopper account and business. Depending on which path they take, they are categorized into 2 main buckets:

  1. Business Owner Sourced (that's you)

  2. Dumpling Sourced

1️⃣ Business Owner Sourced

There are two types of leads that are directly attributed to the Business Owner and their own promotion of their grocery delivery business.

Direct Phone Invite

  • When you invite a potential client to download your app by entering their phone number with the Invite Client feature in the Boss app.

  • As the client first logs in to the Dumpling app with that same phone number, they'll automatically be given the "Direct Phone Invite" source, regardless of how they find and download the app.

Direct Phone Invites are one of the highest performing lead sources across the entire Dumpling platform and a great way to share your business with people that you are talking to in person, or that whom you already have a relationship with.

Webpage Download

  • Whenever a new client comes directly to your personal webpage and downloads the Dumpling app from any of the links on your site, they'll be given the "Webpage Download" source.

  • This works well anywhere that you are sharing your personal URL to promote your business; including business cards, social media posts, digital advertising, etc.

2️⃣ Dumpling Sourced

These are leads that are directly attributed to Dumpling and the promotion of its marketplace for new and potential clients to find a local, business owner that fits their needs using the Search for a Personal Shopper feature.

  • When a new lead downloads the app directly from the App Store and connects to your account after searching for a personal shopper, they'll be giving the "Shopper Search" source.

  • New leads that start at the main or site, search for a personal shopper, and then download the app from a resulting page, they'll also be given the "Shopper Search" source.

🙌 New Lead Notifications

When a new lead first connects to your account from any of the scenarios above, you'll receive an SMS/Text or In-App notification with the lead details.

  • Examples of SMS/Text notifications that you'll receive when a new lead connects to your business.

  • In-app notifications can be found in the Boss App. Click the Client tab and Leads, to view new lead details.

Note: Some of the terminology is outdated in this view, however, and will be updated soon to reflect the verbiage shared above. Until then, here's how the old terminology maps to the sources described above:

  1. Map Search ➡️ Shopper Search

  2. Direct Invite ➡️ Direct Phone Invite

  3. Shop Page Download ➡️ Webpage Download

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