At Dumpling we provide many ways for you to get the support you need when you need it. In this article, we will go over the different ways you can get in contact with us and where to go for the right information.

Support Inbox:

The Support Inbox offers help for Technical/App Support, Assistance with an order, and Billing & Subscriptions.

You can contact Support through the Message Center in your Boss app and click on any of the above selections. This inbox is typically answered during business hours (9 am-5 pm PST) Monday through Friday, in the order that the messages were received.


SOS support is there to help with in-store emergencies such as the Boss card not working at checkout, can’t charge the client, charged order by mistake, or requesting funds for a large order. When writing into SOS, make sure to give us as much information as possible with the issue you are having.

SOS is open 7 days a week (we do close on Christmas Day) from the hours of 5 am-9 pm PST (8 am-midnight EST).

Coaching Inbox:

The coaching inbox offers one on one help with setting up your account details, pricing your services, marketing strategies, customer relationships, and so much more! They also offer a more in-depth one-on-one session if needed.

This can be found within the Message Center of the boss app. Start a new conversation and then follow the prompts to contact a coach. This inbox is typically answered during business hours (9 am-5 pm PST) Monday through Friday, in the order the messages were received.

If you are needing account/technical support or payment issues you will be transferred to our Operations team who can best facilitate that.

To meet the Dumpling Coaches take a look at their youtube video here.

Office Hours:

Office Hours is a group Zoom meeting held weekly and runs for an hour. Business owners are able to stay for the entire call or drop in as needed. Do know that for Topic Office Hours we do have a start time of 5 after the hour. Anyone joining past that time can watch the recording in the University, you can find past recordings here.

This is a great space to get ideas and tips from both the coaching team and other business owners. Topics that tend to come up frequently are marketing tips and tricks, ways to build trust with clients, resources, and tools other business owners use, as well as general encouragement.

The guidelines for Office Hours can be found here.

Dumpling University:

Our University has video training that is available for free to our business owners 24/7. The Onboarding Section (found here) is perfect for setting up your account and learning how both of our apps work. Completing this section is required to appear in our marketplace search. The Promote Your Business Section (found here) is full of tips and tricks from our coaching team. It covers how to start talking about your business, communicating with clients, and much more! We are continually adding to this resource so be sure to check back every so often!
If you don't have a Dumpling University account but would like access, please use the Dumpling Message Center to request an account.


Our Guidebook not only has great features on successful business owners who work in many different ways but has a Coaching Corner. The guidebook is typically updated a couple of times per month with new content so be sure to check back regularly!

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