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How to Place a "Friendly Order" with Yourself
How to Place a "Friendly Order" with Yourself
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Completing a Friendly Order is the best way to understand how our platform works before you receive your first client order.

You DO NOT need to be listed in the Dumpling Marketplace to receive an order for yourself or a friend!

How do you or a friend place an order with your business, if it's not listed in the Dumpling Marketplace yet?

You can invite yourself or a family/friend to the Dumpling App in the Client section of the Boss App.

  1. In the Client tab, click the πŸ‘€+ in the upper right corner, enter your name and phone number, then click Invite.

  2. You will receive a text message with a link to the Dumpling app, when you click the link you will be connected to yourself and can place an order.

  3. Once you place the order, log into the Boss App to actually complete the order. Click the button below for complete directions on Completing an Order.

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